The Parish of East Down

Councillors and Clerk

East Down has up to 7 Parish Councillors many of whom undertake special duties for the Parish Council as well as their regular roles as Parish Councillors.  The Council is supported in its work by the Parish Council Clerk, the sole employee of the Council.  

Councillor contact details are as below.

All correspondence to be addressed to the Parish Clerk at Granscott, East Down, Barnstaple EX31 4LX

Other useful contacts

Rodney Crossman

01271 850704

Register of Interests

Elisabeth Kempf

01271 850633

Register of Interests

Mark King

01271 850095

Register of Interests

Keith Phillips

01271 850703

Register of Interests

Richard Tarr

01271 850431

Register of Interests

Martin Wright (Chairman)

01271 850502

Register of Interests

Margaret Done (Parish Clerk)

01271 850432

Parish paths coordinator


Andrea Davis (County Councillor)

01271 883865

Joe Tucker (District Councillor)

01271 328890

Dispensation request form (for councillors use only) - download here